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Rooms Selection Chart
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Rate Info: Our rates vary by room and by season. You can open a ratecard window
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Romantic Rooms Room #9 Room #4 A Jacuzzi Bathroom
Large Family Rooms Room #1
Room #5
Room #6
Two Bedroom Suites Suite Rooms 7 & 8 Suite Rooms 11 & 12 Suite Rooms 17 & 18

Two Private Rooms (or large 2 bath Suite)

Room #3 Room #2 a 'suite view' of #2/3
Couples Rooms - private bedrooms for two with Queen or King size bed
Room #10 Room #14 Room #15 Room #16
Some of the 'Public Areas' and other special views from the Wiley Inn
Hot Tub - always fun a Summer Pool a living room view a family lounge too
wiley's new SIGNS
two new lawn Chairs a sudden winterpool B&Z (the family says hi!)

Imagine you're very little again
(just like our special visitor Zak Kuhn*)
and Take a child's tour
of the Wiley Inn

(imagine just roaming around
everywhere when no one's looking!)
We hope you enjoy it
Just use this button to get started
start wandering thru the wiley

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*Zak, by the way, is most likely a

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