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Custom Built to your Specs

Thinking of owning a piece of Vermont?
Perhaps you've dreamed of finding
- a seasonal condo, a country home or a piece of land to build on
- a potential place for your future retirement or a possible relocation soon
- an investment property for today that might become something more in the future?

Judy (Jerry's wife & partner as your Wiley Inn 'keepers')
is proud to announce that since January 2007
she a licensed Realtor in the state of Vermont!
When shes not at the Wiley you may find her just 'down the road' at
Country Living Properties
a small and very special real estate agency on Route 11 in Landgrove.

Judy will be happy to assist you in realizing your dream.
She can help you research your options (residential, multi-unit, land)
with her access to the Vermont MLS sytem.
Based on your wishes (location, amenities, price) she can locate potentials,
email you links to select from, personally check them out and offer her advise.
Best of all - if you decide to pay a visit to Vermont to see your property choices in person -
we'll offer you our
Real Estate Customer's Room Rate Discount too!
(If you purchase land & build the Wiley will be a great 'base of operations' for site visits)

So...why not 'kill two birds....' ! If you've been thinking of looking around for Vermont property
and you'd like an excuse to plan a getaway Vermont Vacation too
just give us a call tollfree at 888 843-6600 or contact us from the website.

Surprising Varieties for Interior Spaces


By the way - if you think it odd that we would want to lose you
as a potential future return guest each year at the Wiley
by selling you a Vermont home - don't worry - we are not crazy!

We just know from experience that our return guests
don't just love the Wiley - it's the magic of Vermont that brings them back.
We may not always have you as a Wiley Inn guest but maybe as a happy neighbor instead.
(Just ask Zach Kuhn's family - he is our website's room tour guide!)
And if you have lots of friends that all want to come to visit your new Vermont home
there's always extra space at the Wiley Inn for your overflow!

FYI - If you've never visited us before
and your spouse/family wants to know what to do while your out looking at real estate
the Wiley Inn is 1 mile from Bromley Mountain
(lots of fun year round)
and 10 minutes east of Manchester's shops/outlets & south of Weston's wonderful Vermont Country Store

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