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Enjoy 'the Comforts of Home' when you visit us in Vermont

If you are planning an extended visit (7 days or more) to the Wiley Inn we will be happy to offer you any or all of the following:

1. Our dining room can be used for your lunch or dinner. If you decide to 'bring in' some food from a local market or restaurant you are welcome to use our tables, dinner ware & utensils. All we ask is that you tidy up after (dispose of your garbage and wash up whatever you may have borrowed for your meal).

2. Our kitchen is also available for a simple meal preparation - microwave, heating up something on the stove, preparing sandwiches for a lunch). We also have limited space in our refrigerators and lots of ice for coolers for you to store your food items.

3. We have washers and dryers used each day for keeping our linens laundered so they are pretty busy. However we can provide a limited amount of laundry service (a small shopping bag or single washer load full) for you or your family/group either once before you leave or when you first arrive if you're getting low on available clean clothes. For larger items and bigger loads we suggest that you take advantage of the full service laundramat nearby in Manchester.

We love to travel. We often take long trips for 2-3 weeks in the spring and late fall when our business is less busy. We know what it's like to travel for long periods of time without the'comforts of home'. Sometimes it just gets annoying (not to mention costly) when you have to eat all your meals out in a restaurant. It's also impossible to pack everything you need for multiple days or weeks without bringing far to many bags for comfort!

We are not a 'condo' or a rental property where you have to make all your own beds and 'clean up' yourself each day. At the Wiley we'll do our best to make your visit as relaxed and carefree as possible. We really enjoy making our guests feel 'at home'. Just ask - we may be able to help you!



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